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Tales from the Royal Wardrobe with Lucy Worsley

Today, few people’s clothes attract as much attention as the royal family, but this is not a modern-day Hello magazine-inspired obsession. As Dr Lucy Worsley reveals, it has always been this way. Exploring the royal wardrobes of our kings and queens over the last 400 years, Lucy shows this isn’t just a public preoccupation, but our monarchs’ as well. From Elizabeth I to our present queen, Lucy believes that the royal wardrobe’s significance goes way beyond the cut and colour of the clothing and that royal fashion is and has always been regarded as their personal statement to their people. So most monarchs have carefully choreographed every aspect of their wardrobe and, for those who have not, there have sometimes been calamitous consequences.

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Watch the Secrets of… PBS Series

The series gives an in-dept look at some of the famous houses in all of the England, and is mixed with a little bit of royal history. Enjoy!

Secrets of Althorp - The Spencers

Althorp, childhood home and final resting place of Princess Diana, is currently the home of Diana’s brother, Charles, the 9th Earl Spencer. Nineteen generations of Spencers have presided over this grand estate for more than 500 years. The Spencer dynasty has produced politicians, military heroes, dukes and duchesses and will one day furnish Britain with a king: Diana’s son, Prince William.

Secrets of Highclere Castle

It may be more famous now than any time in its 1,300-year history as the setting of “Downton Abbey,” but England’s Highclere Castle has its own stories to tell. In its heyday, Highclere was the social epicenter of Edwardian England. See how all the inhabitants of Highclere lived, from the aristocrats who enjoyed a life of luxury to the army of servants toiling “below stairs.”

Secrets of the Manor House [2] [3] [4]

Exactly 100 years ago, the world of the British manor house was at its height. It was a life of luxury and indolence for a wealthy few supported by the labor of hundreds of servants toiling ceaselessly “below stairs” to make the lives of their lords and ladies run as smoothly as possible. It is a world that has provided a majestic backdrop to a range of movies and popular costume drama.

Secrets of Chatsworth

In its 500-year history, Chatsworth has been home to some notable inhabitants, among them the 5th Duke of Devonshire, his wife, Lady Georgiana Spencer, and Lady Elizabeth Foster, who lived together in a ménage à trois. King Edward VII enjoyed shooting parties on the estate and was often entertained by Duchess Louisa, one of Britain’s foremost political hostesses.

Secrets of Henry VIII’s Palace - Hampton Court

Hampton Court is the ultimate royal pleasure palace — embodying the indulgent and grandiose kingship built by Cardinal Wolsey and developed by Henry VIII. Through its rooms, chart King Henry VIII’s decline from fit young warrior to bloated womanizer and recall the vivid stories of the ladies who became his queens.

Learn how William and Mary demolished half of the Tudor palace to replace it with an exquisite baroque structure, making Hampton Court one of the most unusual palaces in the world. Go beneath the brick and stone of this true pleasure palace and now thriving tourist location to uncover an abundance of art and stories that bring Hampton Court alive.

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Grace of Monaco has officially been leaked online! The movie is basically a bomb and has not done very well, this basically adds fuel to the fire due to the criticism the movie received from the children of Princess Grace. Nicole and Naomi Watts who are real life bffs can bond over their failed attempts to play two of the most well known princesses in modern history.

You can watch here [2] [3] [4] (don’t forget to use your ad-block!)

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Anonymous asked: to the anon who asked about spanish monarchy documentaries, i saw a good 25 min video. you can search "The Spanish monarchy in check." it should pop right up on google. (maybe RW can attach link to this ask)


Done and done.

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In March Queen Margrethe II was in London opening the exhibition The Vikings at the British Museum, this documentary looks at the art that are apart of the exhibition. The exhibition is going on until June 2014, so if you’re in London check it out!

Viking Art: A Culture Show Special

The Vikings are famous for their violent raids on Anglo-Saxon monasteries, incredible shipbuilding skills and general brutality. They are less famous, perhaps, for their artistic talents. Yet the precious fragments of art that survive from the Viking Age portray a far more mysterious side to Viking culture. From the so-called ‘gripping beast’ motif of the Oseberg wood carvings to the abstract animal ornamentation that adorns Viking jewellery, Viking art is defined by beautiful intricate artistic styles that are distinctly Scandinavian yet also show the Vikings’ interaction with other cultures, culminating in their conversion from paganism to Christianity. To coincide with the first major exhibition on Vikings at the British Museum for over 30 years, Andrew Graham-Dixon invites viewers to explore and admire the splendours of Viking art.

Part II, III, IV

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Haga Slott

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Pavlos. No Ordinary King Documentary (English Trailer)

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The teaser for the upcoming historical documentary about King Paul of Greece

There is also a Greek teaser as well where we see the King’s children (Sophia, Constantine, and Irene, as well as other royals and individuals talk about the king)

this family is so dramatic, I wonder if Prince Nicholas helped with the editing since he has a career is involved in this sort of thing

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Harlots Housewives And Heroines A 17th Century (I watched this in one of my classes and thought I would share, it’s interesting and Lucy Worsley never disappoints!)

Episode 1 - At the Court

The years after the Civil War and the Restoration of Charles II marked the end of the medieval and the beginning of the modern age. These were exciting times for women and some rose to prominence like never before. Some had remarkably modern attitudes and ambitions and achieved wealth, celebrity and power that still seems outstanding even by 21st century standards. But, at the same time, they faced a world that was still predominantly male, misogynistic and positively medieval in its outlook.

In the first episode, Dr Lucy Worsley investigates the lives of women at the top - the king’s mistresses at the royal court. When Charles and his entourage returned from exile, they came back with a host of continental ideas. Some of the women at court gained unprecedented political influence and independence. Amongst a fascinating cast of female characters, the most astonishing were Charles II’s own mistresses - the royalist Barbara Villiers, the French spy Louise de Keroualle and the infamous Cockney actress Nell Gwynn.

Lucy examines the lives of these women, discovering how their fortunes were shaped by the Restoration and how their stories reflect the atmosphere of these extraordinary years. Along her journey, Lucy gets the full mistress make-over, takes to the dance floor and treads the corridors of power. As she discovers, these women were key Restoration players, but, as mistresses, were they truly in charge of their own destinies or were they simply part of the world’s oldest profession?

Episode 2, 3

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You can watch Dronning Margrethe af Danmark HERE

The English documentary was done in 1973/1974 and is a neat look at Margrethe’s early years as Queen.

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During the last two years of her life, Princess Diana embarks on a final rite of passage: a secret love affair with Pakistani heart surgeon Hasnat Khan. (Source: IMDb)

Watch here!!!

Also tell me what you think, I won’t be watching it cause I’d rather watch Blue the Warmest Colour. I’m also tagging it as a documentary because it is just easier for the tagging on this blog

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Watch Secret History: Queen Victoria and the Crippled Kaiser Online | Tv Show | Delishows

Queen Victoria’s grandson, the future Kaiser Wilhelm II, was born with a permanently paralyzed arm: a disability considered shameful at the time. His mother wrote that she was haunted by the idea of him €˜remaining a crippled€™ and insisted that he hide his paralyzed arm throughout his life. Cruel and crude attempts to cure him poisoned their relationship and helped turn the boy, born to unite the Royal families of Britain and Germany, into the man who tore them apart. Featuring a long-hidden cache of intimate family letters, this documentary reveals this secret story of child cruelty, secret shame and dark, incestuous desires, which begins behind palace doors and ends in the carnage of World War I.

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Prince William’s Passion: New Father: New Hope

This is the interview he did with ITV. Not able to find the one with Max Foster yet… :)

Or this, or this

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Tales From The Royal Bedchamber

Lucy Worsley gets into bed with our past monarchs to uncover the Tales from the Royal Bedchamber. She reveals that our obsession with royal bedrooms, births and succession is nothing new. In fact, the rise and fall of their magnificent beds reflects the changing fortunes of the monarchy itself.

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This woman has no shame: Historian Lucy Worsley travels into the most intimate rooms used by the Royal family to uncover the history of the royal bedroom

'When King James II's wife Mary gave birth to a healthy baby boy in Hampton Court Palace in 1688, the protestants were not happy.
'James II was catholic and very unpopular, so the new baby meant there was an heir to the throne who would continue his catholic reign.
'To cause trouble, protestants spread a rumour that Mary's baby had died during childbirth, and that an impostor baby had been snuck into the bedroom by a servant who had carried the swapped baby through the palace in a bed-warming pan.
'They released enormous amounts of detail, including a map of the route the pan had travelled, and although it was, of course, total rubbish, James II was forced to print the accounts of 40 witnesses who had been in the room for the birth: having witnesses was important then, as people needed to be there to check an heir had been born.
'The thing was James was so unpopular that people wanted to believe the story, so they did, and eventually they knocked him off the throne.
'James lost control of the royal bedroom, and thus lost his kingdom. The story reveals the power of what happens in the royal bedroom.'

Tales From The Royal Bedchamber documentary will premiere on BBC 4 on Monday

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