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The British Royal Family released pictures from Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh’s visit to Malta in 1949.

The Duke of Cambridge will be visiting the country representing the Queen on the occasion of the country’s independence day; Malta gained independence from Great Britain on 21 September, 1964. The Duchess of Cambridge was originally suppose to attend this event but had to cancel due to her pregnancy.

The Duke is expected to meet with the President of the country, Marie Louise Coleiro Preca and will also visit national library to see letters from Henry VIII and George II.

© The Royal Archives

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Prince Charles and his sister, Princess Anne, dressed as Robin Hood and a fairy, 1953.

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After many months of discussion, debate, and careful thought, we now know the outcome of the Referendum, and it is a result that all of us throughout the United Kingdom will respect.

For many in Scotland and elsewhere today, there will be strong feelings and contrasting emotions – among family, friends and neighbours. That, of course, is the nature of the robust democratic tradition we enjoy in this country. But I have no doubt that these emotions will be tempered by an understanding of the feelings of others.

Now, as we move forward, we should remember that despite the range of views that have been expressed, we have in common an enduring love of Scotland, which is one of the things that helps to unite us all. Knowing the people of Scotland as I do, I have no doubt that Scots, like others throughout the United Kingdom, are able to express strongly-held opinions before coming together again in a spirit of mutual respect and support, to work constructively for the future of Scotland and indeed all parts of this country.

My family and I will do all we can to help and support you in this important task.

— The Queen’s message following Scotland’s referendum

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Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Juliana

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Today, the Countess of Wessex presented the Gold @intaward to young achievers during TRH’s visit to #BritishColumbia #Canada. The Earl and Countess are currentely on visit to Canada.

Source: Twitter

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Portrait of Princess Alexandra of Wales. 1881.

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“The Duchess of Cambridge will no longer visit Malta this weekend. The Duke of Cambridge will undertake the visit instead”
— Clarence House

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“My Darling Margaret,
I do hope that you are feeling much better, and beginning to sit up and eat once again. It seems a long time since I said goodby yesterday morning. After a busy day in dear old London at darling old Buckingham Palace with all its ducky little cardboard windows, we left last night in the train for Scotland. Today we spent from 9.55 to 5.15 in Glasgow, and visited a lot of factories shipyards & docks etc. This morning we came to Peebles (PEEBLES FOR PLEESURE as the old lady said) and the country is lovely. There is a wide river rather like the Dee - I can hear it rippling & surging outside the train; and rather low hills, very green & empty - very few houses, and clumps of beeches. It really is most attractive. […]
Please tell Lilibet that I will write to her next - I write to you first because you are an INVALID, and I promised to write you a letter.
Well my darling, don’t eat too much roast beef, boiled mutton, Irish stew, haricot mutton, beefsteak pudding or lamb chops whilst you are in bed. Just have a few eggs beaten up with onions, sprinkled with lemon juice, & served in a banana skin and you will soon be well.
Goodbye my angel from your very loving Mummy”
— Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother in a letter to Princess Margaret on March 5, 1941 while on a the Royal Train near Peebles.

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“Queen Elizabeth’s annual ball held for staff on her Balmoral estate in Aberdeenshire has been postponed from Thursday to Friday. The party is said to have been pushed back a day to allow Her Majesty’s workers time to vote in the country’s referendum on 18 September that will decide whether Scotland gains independence.”
— Hello! Magazine

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Queen Elizabeth in the Netherlands

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Zoro, Harry to the rescue, lol

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Young Prince Charles Spam 30/48

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Charles Prince of Wales and Diana Princess of Wales in Edmonton for the 1983 Universiade Games

©Richard Siemens

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