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Empress Joséphine’s Amethyst Tiara

The current amethyst demi-parure consists of a tiara, necklace, pendant, brooch and earrings.  The set consists of large deep purple amethysts set in gold and surrounded by diamonds set in silver.

The Amethyst demi-parure is part of the Bernadotte Family Foundation and the amethysts date to the first French Empire. They were originally the property of Empress Joséphine, who gave them to Princess Augusta Amalia of Bavaria when she married Joséphine’s son, Eugene, Duke of Leuchtenberg. The daughter of Eugene and Augusta, Josephine of Leuchtenberg, married Crown Prince Oscar of Sweden and later became Queen Josefina of Sweden.

Josephine brought her collection of jewels with her upon her marriage (these include the Swedish sapphire parure, the emeralds that are now a part of the Norwegian jewel collection, and the amethysts). The original amethyst demi-parure consisted of a necklace, pendant earrings, two bracelets, a brooch, and a corsage ornament. Queen Silvia later had the necklace mounted on a tiara frame and the 2 bracelets combined with the corsage ornament to create a necklace. This resulted in the Swedish amethyst tiara, necklace, pendant, brooch and earrings.  


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