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The Cameo Tiara of Sweden.

Description:  The Cameo Tiara is historically known as the Swedish bridal tiara and is rather unusual due to its very special colours and design. It consists of gold and pearls heightened with 7 cameos that depict mythological figures. The center cameo is the crowning of love, depicting Cupid and Psyche. Each cameo is framed in pearls and sits on a base of seed pearls and gold. 

Cameos were very popular back then and all 7 cameos used were made prior to the tiara’s creation and all vary in size and colour. 

History:  Made by Nitot in Paris, this tiara was originally owned by Empress Joséphine of France who received it as a gift from Napoleon. The tiara passed into the Swedish Royal Family via her granddaughter, Queen Josefina (born Princess Josephine of Leuchtenberg). When Josephine of Leuchtenberg married King Oscar I of Sweden in 1823, she relocated to Stockholm and took the tiara with her.  Since then, it’s become a fixture of Swedish royal weddings.


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