Anonymous asked: Where can I find the video of Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix? The new one?

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Anonymous asked: Have you heard of the celebrations for the 200 year anniversary of the dutch kingdom? Two days ago there was a party in maastricht which was attended by the royals of holland, belgium, luxembourg and the german bundespräsident

If you go to the second or third page of the blog, you’ll see some posts related to the event

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sarahsiena asked: Was Prince Emmanuel dropped off separately from his siblings this morning? The pics made it seem so, but I wasn't sure.

Prince Emmanuel goes to a different school from his siblings, same with Princess Elisabeth.

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Grand duchess Marie Adelaide of Luxembourg. 1900s.

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Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix attended the ECCO Walkathon along with their mother, Countess Alexandra, and their step-father, Martin Jørgensen.

The walkathon is a four-mile course around Copenhagen. This is the first year where both Princes walked the course.  

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Prince Lorenz dropped of his youngest daughter Princess Laetitia Maria at school this morning.

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Today King Carl XVI Gustaf visited Varjisån to inaugurate the area, and
Pite Älvs eco parks and visit land park in Pajala.

Source: Kungahuset

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Queen Margrethe II and Prince Henrik are conducting a royal cruise for the next five days. The couple will be viisting Thyborøn, Ringkøbing, Nykøbing Mors, Vesthimmerlands Kommune, and Livø.

Read more about the royal cruise here

Source: Kongehuset

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The Earl and Countess of Wessex over the weekend attend the National Paralympic Day 2014 with their children. The day is dedicated to acknowledging the achievements of the Paralympic Great Britain team

Source [2]

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jumpinginheels asked: Queen Mathilde's outfit when dropping off her kids was perfect! She looks great!

Couldn’t agree more!

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Like Father, Like Son: Prince William and Prince George

Both have places to go, people to meet, and toys to play with. 

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Anonymous asked: I am a native portuguese speaker (Brazilian here!), so I read the full interview with the "Royal Family" from Portugal. It actually reads very delusional for me. She actually seems to feel like she and her family still represent the country and they have to keep on doing it because it's their job and the rest of the country should thank them. IDK... The way she puts her words was just way too much. Plus, if she wanted a more serious interview, she would not have chosen a gossip/celebrity website

I completely agree, she and her poor children seem really delusional about the monarchy bit of the interview. I was also surprised they would do it with such a publication (not that anything is wrong with it) seems more like something that should be involved with Vanity Fair or a magazine like that.

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