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King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima at Eindhoven Airbase for a memorial service for the victims of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17.

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A younger Grand Duchess Maria Teresa and Grand Duke Henri

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Look who was in Monaco this week, Princess Claire of Luxembourg! Alongside Baroness Cécile de Massy, she attended the Ladies Who Lunch event. The organization founded by the Baroness raises money for a variety of causes. The Honorary President of the organization, Princess Charlene was not in attendance. [x]

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Anonymous asked: The DailyMail, Telegraph and Guardian all said Prince Harry walked over from his cottage on the grounds of Kensington Palace for Prince George's party

Hence, no pictures of his arrival at the party.  Thanks for sharing!

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Anonymous asked: Your right, it reminds me of Kim Kardashian's million dollar lavish birthday bash for north. The first and second birthday parties are there for parents to show off and just hang with their friends, I don't remember my 1st 2nd even 3rd party, I have pictures of the huge events but have no clue and no memory. The cake was huge the backyard was decorated, it was just another way for my parents to show off what they can do, to their friends.

Pretty much!

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Anonymous asked: I think some people are confused and saying Harry didn't attend George's party. I'm sure he attended cease he had nothing on his schedule yesterday. William and Harry already live in Kensington palace so obviously they would not be pictured driving there. I believe the only reason Kate was seen driving there was because she was coming from Prince Phillip's place , she let him have time with George first before the party.

I don’t know if he attended. And I wouldn’t fault him for not attending the party, George isn’t going to remember it, and it probably was a party for adults as most first birthdays are.

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Anonymous asked: Hi, do you know anything about the current Polish royal family? I know their reign ended quite a while ago, but I know there are still direct descendants?

I really don’t know very much about the Polish Nobility. The only two people I know that are descendants are Queen Mathilde and her distant cousin, the current Prime Minister of Poland, Bronisław Komorowski

I think like most members of nobility they are somewhat wealthy and some way connected to the government of the country.

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#Luxembourg Grand Ducal Family
#Grand Duchess Maria Teresa
#Grand Duke Henri

A younger Grand Duchess Maria Teresa and Grand Duke Henri

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tmhnzn17 asked: Poor princesses: I read the question from someone on your site... I don't think that all children of princess Margriet from the Netherlands married into middle class. Annette Sekreve was from a divorces family. Don't think she was rich. And one of the younger princes also. And Mette marit wasn't rich I think.

I’m sure Annette didn’t grow up with a silver spoon, but she most likely wasn’t poor. Unless we have different definitions of what poor is.

As for Mette-Marit, I’m not sure, it is possible that she had a hard time being a single mother… so I guess she might fit in that category.

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Anonymous asked: Prince William and Catherine invited Michael of Kent to their son's private birthday party, I doubt their are any problems. The media likes to stir up trouble and no one should fall for it.

Yea, she’s just trying to sell her book, and controversy sells!

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Natasha Muslimorova was a poor girl working as a hotel attendant a few dollars an hour at Hotel Minsk. The Prince of Dubai: Sheikh Sayyid bin Maktoum al-Maktoum was staying at this hotel one day when he met her, she was delivering breakfast to his room and I fell in love immediately. It was reported that he continued to ring for her over and over just to see her and talk to her. It didn’t take long before her proposed to her and she became princess.

Also for celebrity/ normal wealthy men, the only one I know of is Matt Damon. He met his wife in the bar, she was working as a bar tender and was a poor single mother. He immediately fell in love with her and they started dating. They have been married for over 7 years now and have 3 beautiful children.

****** this is all I could find as far as this subject goes. I think most rich men date women who are wealthy because those are the women that surround them everyday. It would be like breaking a social norm. It’s why normal men can walk into a hospital, see a beautiful nurse and ask her on a date.. But for some reason rich men, royal men don’t tend to do this. I don’t know why, I can only guess that perhaps they are embarrassed of what their friends & family will say or don’t believe she’s good enough. This reminds me of when my brother met an african girl in school and he really liked her, they dated for sometime but then he didn’t take it to the next level because he was scared of being different around his friends, all their girlfriends are white and our family… He made her feel really bad, and I was angry at him for this, I felt so bad that I had to talk to her. Prince Harry and William actually have dated girls of lower class who worked in small shops and didn’t have as much.. But they kept it secret as my brother did. I don’t know why but many men do this in Hollywood as well, they date waitresses and keep it secretive but when they date models or rich women they are so happy to show her off in public!?! *****

Thanks for the submission!

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hijabipacifist asked: I think one of the Arab princes (not sure which country) married a hotel housekeeper. i think vh1 made a documentary about it once.

Yes, Natasha Muslimorova and Sheikh Sayyid bin Maktoum

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Anonymous asked: I looked under the royal orders tag, but couldn't find anything. Wikipedia, etc. have also not helped, so I thought I'd ask. I know that King George IV formalized the practice of a portrait Family Order for ladies of the BRF, and it's continued in each reign ever since. Currently Norway, Sweden, and Denmark also have the same practice. But... are there royal family orders out there I've missed? And, was it George IV who began the trend or did he get the idea from somewhere else? Thanks!


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A younger Grand Duchess Maria Teresa and Grand Duke Henri

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