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The Queen (Consort) María Luisa of Spain and Princess of Parma.

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Royals Recycling

The Crown Princess of Denmark recycled a Ole Yde dress in Canada yesterday. She first wore it in the US in October 2011, South Korea in May 2012, in Chine in December 2012, and then in Germany in June 2013. 

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Anonymous asked: Your negative attitude about Kate comes across really clear in your posts about her , is there a reason in particular why you hate her so much ?

I really don’t hate any royal, or Kate for that matter. I don’t even think I’ve ever said anything on here that has been hateful towards her (excusing that response to that ask).

I think the problem with a lot of people on stans or fans of certain things is that they correlate hatred with criticism. You can like something but can also be critical of it, which is my stance on a lot of royals.

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Anonymous asked: Not your fault, we love his blog and 100% understand. There are many trolls on tumblr looking for their submission to go viral, it probably makes them feel accomplished, perhaps their lives are that sad and empty.. I feel very sorry for them and they need help immediately. But yes, you must carefully watch for trolls and crazy people just looking for attention. Lovely blog, keep up the great work

Thank you.

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Anonymous asked: Folks would do very well to take a minute before jumping to conclusions!!! I read that anon ask, and indeed it took me a while to get what substance it was referencing as well - it didn't even register until after I read it again. How many times someone has glossed over a sentence/misunderstood things? It can honestly happen to everyone. Just wanted to send in a word of support :)

Thanks for the support, I feel so bad, I really do. I’ve identified the IP address of the person who has been sending it. Thanks

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Anonymous asked: Hey RW, no harm in how you responded to that 'cyanide' ask. With the ridiculous ask that you get, I know it is typical for you to respond in a blasé way. I'm sure a lot of royal blogs follow you: do they not see your usual asks? They should have understood.

It was a terrible response, I should have read the question over, and I didn’t. Like I said to the previous ask, I usually give a similar answer for scientific or health related questions.

I’m pretty good at deleting questions like that because I’m familiar with people who send those kinds of ask, just not this time.

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sunnyjbah asked: Perhaps you dont know but the cyanides are toxins- poisons. Small amounts would kill, and in a pregnant woman, even if she survived it would cause serious fetal trauma (most likely termination). Some compounds derived from cyanides have been used to treat lactic acidosis, but i seriously doubt if your anon had this in mind when they sent this. It's your blog to publish what you wish, but it is more than a tad macabre and insensitive.

I’ve apologized, I didn’t read too much into it. Whenever I see a chemical or scientific or health questions, I usually give that response.

I’m sorry.

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Prince Charles and Princess Anne at his fifth birthday party

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Anonymous asked: in the picture of victoria on the wedding day rehearsal: is that infanta sofia on the left?

No that’s someone else.

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Anonymous asked: I hope you realize how offensive the cyanide anon was. The mod who replied was even more offensive. None of your business when someone suggests POSIONING a pregnant women, leading to potential miscarriage and death of the mother?!?!!?! Shame on you.

It was a mistake, I didn’t realize the question was talking about “cyanide” I thought it was something else.

I apologize, I assumed it chemical that they give to people to prevent pain or some medical chemical, my bad.

Also would like to add that we have been deleting questions by someone who sends really offensive and inappropriate questions about all royals, in particular the Duchess of Cambridge. It was a mistake and I apologize.

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Anonymous asked: How does one (not royals) make a CoA?

You can draw one, or get one made for your by a professional. You try googling this.

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Anonymous asked: kathrine of yugoslavia ? pls explain why she is still called this way if this regiem doesn't exist anymore ? or is she already dead ? thx

She is married to the Crown Prince, Alexander. Royals who have been deposed are allowed to keep their titles as a curtsey. He does use the title of Serbia

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Anonymous asked: Does Kate have a coat of arms? Also I am an American, is there any way for me to acquire an official CoA one day?


Anyone can make a coat of arms

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